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 Baddies: Information & Applications READ THIS!

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PostSubject: Baddies: Information & Applications READ THIS!   Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:10 pm

The following post contains information about the guild. I'll try to make it short so even the laziest of us can read at least some of it. You are reading this at your own risk, and no one is going to help you if the awesomeness of the post or the forums blinds you.

General Information

Baddies is an international Arabic Ragnarok Online guild lead by Feint(that would be me afro ) and Bazz. The guild's leader is majk, an assassin and a future EC leader. Feint is good at being awesome at everything he does while Bazz mostly works on the forums and recruiting. We may try to find more good use for his non-existent skills later, though.

The guildchat, forums, and Ventrilo(we currently use Endscape's Vent server) are all English, so fluent English is required for members to enjoy their time in our guild. Understanding each other really makes things more comfortable.


Baddies was created shortly after aRO's opening by Feint and Bazz, and as aRO became more popular via the help of a thread on the iROWiki forums, Baddies found new members and slowly ran out of space. Our diligent members helped us gain guild levels in order to invite new players into the guild, and we became one of the server's biggest and highest level guilds. That, on top of being awesome, cool, professional, and modest.

As Bazz started working on our forums, we started to look even more like a real guild. We now have a stable amount of active members interacting via the game and the forums.

Future and Goals

Baddies is a WoE-oriented guild currently allied to Majestic and Endscape, who are also amongst the top guilds of the server. Our main goals are offering our members enjoyable gameplay during the War of Emperium(as soon as it is implemented), and improving everyone's characters to achieve further accomplishments. We are also active in PvM, MVP, and PvP, so everyone is bound to have a good time in our guild. Guild events and parties will also be organized every now and then so it isn't likely to get boring anytime soon!

Baddies in a Nutshell(for those too lazy to read a few sentences)

-WoE guild
-Ventrilo for those who like to speak
-Batshit insane guildchat/forums
-Guild events and parties
-Players from all around the world
-Always recruiting new, active players
-Great emoticons afro

Will update the post as time passes and there's more for me to write. This will have to do for now!


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Posts : 270
Reputation : 9
Join date : 2009-09-04
Age : 29
Location : Kuwait

PostSubject: Re: Baddies: Information & Applications READ THIS!   Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:52 pm

How To Write An Application

We are currently recruiting new members. Any class is fine, as long as you are active and applying with your main character. If it isn't obvious, you should not be a member of any other guild. Your character should be at least level 50 when you write an application, as that shows dedication and we can be sure you are not quitting a day and a half later. Of course, if you are motivated, experienced and active, and are sure your character will improve quickly, you can and will be invited even if your level is low. The required level is likely to increase as the server grows older, but for now even lower level characters are fine.

Baddies is a WoE guild, so you should be interested in WoE and ready to join a majority of them. Letting the guild know if you are not going to be there for WoE is important so that we can plan everything accordingly. Ventrilo(or possibly Teamspeak) will be used during WoE hours and possible parties, so you should at least have the application downloaded and ready for use. You do not need to have a microphone, it is enough that you listen to our leaders. Everything will be in English, so knowing basic English is required. We don't expect people to be English professors or teachers, but you are not going to be very useful if you can not understand a single word of the language.

When writing an application, please include at least the following things:

-Your character, build, equipment, and possible other things we may want to know. Screenshots preferred.
-Your nickname, location, timezone, and other things we should know about you.
-Your RO and WoE experience
-Your former guilds and official servers.
-WoE availability(how many WoEs a week can you join)
-Why Baddies?

You can also tell us anything you want us to know about yourself.

Do note that if you nod to any of the following things, you should not waste your time writing an application;

-You bot or have botted on the server
-You bought your character
-You do not want to play WoE or are never online during the WoE hours
-You are not actively playing
-You do not speak English
-You are a girl but not willing to post at least two dozens of pictures in our picture thread
-You do not like the afro emoticon

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Baddies: Information & Applications READ THIS!
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