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 T> Junk for Junkers

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1st Class Baddie

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T> Junk for Junkers Empty
PostSubject: T> Junk for Junkers   T> Junk for Junkers EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 6:53 am

Hey all,

I am in need of some Int/Dex gear and would like to trade other items (or zeny if preferred) for them.

Here is what I need:
Apple of Archer or Elder Willow Card
Zerom Card/Wormtail Card/or Earring x1
Evil Bone Wand
Creamy Card
Vitata Card (yeah I know...)

I have the following to offer, in addition to zeny:
Elunium 12-20
Oridicon 6-10
Buckler [1]
Boots [1]
Peco Peco Card [2]
Sandal [1] several
Steel ... 50?
and other assorted trash.

I only have about 1mil zeny to my name.. so Im sure a couple of my wants are currently out of reach.
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T> Junk for Junkers
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